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We believe in the guiding principle of “Build Nothing for Us, Without Us.” Whether an organization is small or large, public or private, the deliberate and intentional act of bringing diverse perspectives to the table produces the absolute best opportunity to both grow as an organization, and connect with your stakeholder community.

Founded in February 2001, Chanin Kelly-Rae Consulting was inspired by the everyday social, political, and cultural activism that has increased opportunities for ALL people over the last century. With a desire to improve systems and build more responsive institutions, we have brought together some of the best and brightest subject matter experts and strategists to help grow your organization into a better version of itself. Having experience in government, education, law, nonprofit, and the business sector, we take a data driven approach to find solutions that work for your organization’s individual needs. Governance, performance measures, and collaboration are the foundations for organizational change management.

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Chanin Kelly-Rae

Chanin Kelly-Rae

Founder, President