Jacque Kelly

Data Project Coordinator

“My superpower is repackaging data for different audiences to uncover insights and tell stories.”

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jacque was the oldest of 3 children raised in a big, loving home with extended family. Always detail oriented and inspired by the insights she could find in researching information, Jacque went on to earn a BA in Communication & Journalism from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. “As a child, I would make up news reports. I thought I wanted to be a news anchor.”

After graduation, she discovered a way to pivot her passion for storytelling into data analysis. Jacque says, “I basically traded words for numbers.” Her career profile became a colorful mixture of both technical and creative experiences, which led her to gain an interesting arsenal of skills in teaching, technology and digital designs for K-12 students and small businesses. Over time, she also developed the skill of translating highly technical language and concepts into relatable information. This benefits customers, stakeholders, and community members around the world. Finally, she leveraged these useful skills into repackaging information for diverse, targeted audiences. As if she weren’t passionate enough about learning and creating, she successfully completed a data analytics bootcamp with Thinkful.com .

Today, Jacque is a Data Project Coordinator who gets to play with data all day. Her duties include repositioning, analyzing, and managing data visualization to tell stories. She continues to fuel her love for digital design as a volunteer at 40 Akers Community Garden handling their digital footprint. When not spending her time analyzing data or doing digital designs, Jacque likes to hang out with her family and their Jack Russell terrier, Arthur. Continuing to live by her favorite saying “work smarter, not harder, ”Jacque hopes in 10 years to be a successful entrepreneur managing a coding franchise for kids and an expert IT project manager and data analyst where she can continue the goal of improving access and opportunity for everyone.