We conduct thorough assessments of your organization to identify barriers to your goals. Our assessment framework considers how management engages staff, how staff engages other staff, customers, volunteers, or other stakeholders. We look at governance structures and process. We analyze data to identify patterns of practice, as well as perceptions both internal and external of the organization. Based on analysis, we create a strategy designed to meet the needs.

Consulting and Advising

We can work with your organization during the strategic planning process, or afterwards. Once your strategic goals are in place, we offer ongoing consultation and process design to engage your stakeholders as we work together to build and implement strategy. Collaboratively, we work with our clients to execute actionable plans, implement performance measures and internal assessment mechanisms, and finally monitor the impact and effectiveness of those efforts.

Trainings, Workshops & Speeches

We offer training to employees, managers, C-Suite executives, volunteers, stakeholders, and students on strategies that will lead to organizational growth, and improved service both internally and externally. Our workshops cover topics such as Generational Diversity, Leveraging Cultural Competence to Build Stronger Outreach, Unconscious Bias, and a myriad of other topics designed using best practices in business and social science research.

Our Philosophy

Build nothing for us without us.

We believe that diverse perspectives strengthens an organization and the community. Our clients will communicate and partner more effectively, deliver better services, and participate in building a more inclusive world.

Taking a data-driven approach rooted in research and best practices, we design effective strategies tailored to the individual needs of clients.

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