Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about diversity and inclusion? We’ve got you covered!

What is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)?

Not diversity, but Diversity. Diversity is all of the dimensions of difference that we hold as a human population.

Inclusion describes the way an organization configures opportunity, interaction, communication, information and decision making to utilize the potential of diversity. Inclusion is how you leverage your diversity in the best ways possible.

Equity is the deliberate and intentional act of restructuring institutions, systems, and organizations so that they are accessible and afford opportunity to ALL. 


How can I be an ally?

Be the Change.
An effective ally must…

  • Be an active, reflexive listener.
  • Be open minded.
  • Be willing to engage with other people.
  • Interrupt harmful language, bias or behavior in the moment. This includes
    noting your own, as we all have bias. Speak up! Act.
  • Listen to and amplify underrepresented voices.
  • Don’t make assumptions about others.
  • Question and then challenge norms established by and for privileged groups.

DEI Best Practices

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is not solely a human resources function. We track and measure things that matter; staff and resources must also align with what matters. The person leading the DEI effort should be experienced in delivering results. DEI should not be something done off of the side of someone’s desk. Everyone should be responsible for the shared success of DEI programs. Everyone plays a part in organizational culture.
  • ‘Build nothing for them, without them” is my guiding philosophy for the work I do. I believe that you must bring everyone to the table to identify a shared path forward. We must all have an active role as we create a safe, diverse, inclusive and equitable space.
  • DEI efforts should be both transparent and accountable. Leaders should regularly assess the strategies being implementing. Always ask, “Is this working?” and “What can we do today to ensure that we get success?”

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