I came to know about Chanin fortuitously, while doing a reference check on a candidate. After talking with her and developing an understanding of her amazing background in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB), I realized she was just the consultant I had been looking for. Comagine Health is launching a comprehensive effort to embed DEIB in the DNA of the organization. This includes employee listening sessions, a 3-year roadmap to achieve our vision and so much more. While Chanin has significant & obvious expertise in this area, her passion, desire to educate others, her humility, her affability and her zest for excellence are extraordinary. I have worked with top-notch consultants throughout my career and can confidently say that Chanin is in a league of her own! I recommend her without reservation.

Akbar Sultan

Chief Administrative Officer, Comagine Health

Ms. Kelly-Rae is one of a kind. A true professional. She can connect with people, engage them in deep, meaningful conversations, and leaves a positive lasting impact.

Chanin is a fantastic facilitator and storyteller; she has a unique ability to capture her audience’s attention and kindly, gently narrate them through to their Ah-ha moment.

Chanin Kelly-Rae Consulting is a highly attentive professional agency that provides its clients with the services agreed upon and thorough, candid, and concise reports.

Chief Darrell Lowe

Redmond Police Department

As a long-time leader in Public Safety I know the benefit of achieving diversity and understanding of inclusiveness amongst the workforce . This training provided honest and open communication amongst our City Leadership Team where perceptions were challenged and myth debunked. City team was really brought closer together due to this important training. Working relationships were enhance and collaboration amongst the team members improved.

Chief Don Horton

Redmond Fire Department

I had the privilege of working with Chanin Kelly-Rae when I was planning a City Community Conversation regarding DEI issues in our city. From our very first meeting, Chanin was energetic and committed to helping us figure out the best way to engage with our community members. She was an excellent facilitator of our city community conversation and was not only professional, but kind and respectful to all the participants. Chanin ensured our event’s success by setting firm boundaries and by asking the right questions to establish trust. I highly recommend Chanin for your organization’s needs.
Tanika Padhye

President , Redmond City Council

I thoroughly enjoyed your session on DEIB. There were so many takeaways that we could immediately put into practice. Thank you for making such an awkward topic for some into one that was easy to digest. Great job!
Prins C.

Thank you for your authentic conversation and I appreciated how you kept us engaged.
Niesha F.

Thank you for a very inspiring training session last week!

Thank you so much Chanin for the session. Learned a lot and I agree that we must commit ourselves to push for a better understanding of race and equity.
Maritza D

Thanks so much for putting together a great session for NWWLA. You did a super nice job keeping us engaged during the meeting and providing a practical lens to help us in the persistent work of advancing equity in our communities.
Amy B

Thank you for your presentation. You kept everyone engaged and interested.
Sadie S

Truly a wonderful presentation. It was not only relative, but informative with tools that we could implement immediately. Thank you so much for giving us your time and expertise. I truly enjoyed it.
Tammy W

Chanin – Thank you for a great session. I had fun being a part of the group discussion and sharing my experiences. I appreciated your candor and also appreciated that you weren’t offended by my asking you to clarify your opinion of white (and other) people’s biases and willingness to listen. I hope our paths cross again.
Cynthia P

Thank you so very much for this amazing session, it was extremely engaging, informative, and I was intently captured throughout. Your passion shines through and it is absolutely infectious! It also couldn’t have come at a better time for me with my recent acceptance onto the King County ESJ – Advisory and Change Team. Thank you again, hope to see you in the future!
Cyndal E

Thank you so much for such an active and engaging session.
Megan V

Thank you so much for your presentation on diversity, equity and inclusion in the government. It was very insightful and engaging. It provided information that I will use both at work as well as my extracurricular board activities.
Joelle T

Chanin Kelly-Rae thank you for leading the Northwest Women’s Leadership Academy toward understanding race, equity, and inclusion in local government. Such an important step to go beyond commitment and into action. Thank you for your support of our amazing local government leaders.
Kellye M